Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Announcements: 1st Sunday of Advent

Dear Holy Rosary Parishioners, here are a few announcements:

Prayers for Christopher Floresta: Christopher Floresta, who has attends Mass with his dad Mariano (dado) Floresta, was flown to Anchorage to be treated for burns. Chris and a friend were lighting the fire to their sauna and there was an explosion. Chris has 30 to 40 percent burns on his body, while his friend has 60 percent. Please keep them in your prayers.

Baptism and Potluck: Josh and Kara are slated to be baptized and to receive first communion and reconciliation December 7th, during mass. There will be a potluck to follow. Please bring a favorite dish if you can, but not required to stay and eat at the celebration.

Gospel: Advent is like a vigil where we wait in line for tickets to the greatest event in the history of the world. Get in line this Sunday for your front row seats to the greatest show on earth. A special Advent “Little Blue Book” well be given to all who attend Mass.

There are a couple pictures below. While flying back from King Salmon this week I snapped shots of the Caribou herd. Click on the pictures to enlarge them. Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. God bless you all…Fr. Scott

Caribou herd between King Salmon and Dillingham heading toward Levelock

Full Moon outside my window in the rectory, Upper Room

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