Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Announcements: 2nd Sunday of Advent

Dear Holy Rosary parishioners, here are a few announcements:

Holy Day, Monday, December 8th: This coming Monday is a Holy Day of obligation, the Immaculate Conception. Mass will be at 5:30 Monday evening. Hope to see all of you there!

Baptism and Potluck: This Sunday, December 7th, Josh and Kara will be baptized and celebrate first communion and reconciliation. There will be a potluck afterward. All are invited.

Advent Little Blue Book: There are a few Little Blue Books left in the back of the church. The book consists of a page of prayer for each day during Advent. Please take one home with you.

Christmas Mass Time: The Mass for Christmas will be the same (or similar) to last year. We will celebrate the Christmas Vigil at 8:00 PM on Wednesday, 24 December.

Rosary: After the first Sunday of every month we pray a Rosary (with the exception of this Sunday because of the baptism and the fact that we prayed the rosary last Sunday). I will put a sign up sheet in the back for those who would like to lead the rosary.

Thank You: Thanx to Kristen Clark for leading the rosary last week. It was her first time and she did a great job! Also, thank you Matteo for the beautiful stained glass picture of the Annunciation. Check out the stained glass on the home page by CLICKING HERE!

Heating Fuel Fund: Praying our Rosary the first Sunday of every month for those Archdiocesan parishes who donate money to help pay our fuel bill has really paid off. Last year we collected eleven thousand dollars. This year has been even better. For example Saint Andrews alone contributed eight thousand.

Gospel: Saint John the Baptist is preparing the way for the lord. Angels help to prepare the way as well. The homily this week will give an in depth look at angels in the Catholic Church.

Hospital Visit: I visited Chris Floresta in the Native Hospital this week. He is recovering nicely from the 30 percent burns on his body. Please keep him, his friend Dillon, and their families in your prayers. They still have quite a lot of time left before they will be released from the hospital.

Have a fantastic advent, Fr. Scott

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