Monday, March 22, 2010

Announcements: Palm Sunday

Dear Holy Rosary Parishioners, here are a few announcements:

Palm Sunday: Palm Sunday will begin outside in front of the steps leading to the Church. We will begin with a Gospel reading and the Blessing of Palms before we process back in. The Palms still have not arrived from Kaufer’s Religious Supplies so I will be calling them today (Monday). It is cutting it very close for out here in the bush. The ordering for the palms each year are automatically ordered.

Holy Week: Holy Thursday and Good Friday will be at 5:30 PM. Easter celebration will be Saturday, April 3rd at 8:00 PM. There will no Easter Sunday Mass.

Mass of Oils: March 30th, the Tuesday of Holy Week, is when the Archbishop will bless the oils for the entire Archdiocese of Anchorage. This Mass of Oils will be at 7:00 PM, at the Holy Family Cathedral in Anchorage. If you would like to be present to accept the Sacred Oils for Holy Rosary and Saint Theresa, please let me know.

Thank you: Thank you Terry Hill for singing the meditation song. We hope to continue to hear from you in the future, i.e. every Sunday! Thank you Bernie for replenishing the hydraulic fluid in the plow. Thank you to Aileen Walsh (narrator) and Angela Clark (voice) for volunteering to read the Passion.

Flying: The weather mass fantastic and I was able to land at five villages this week, Ekwok, Kokhanok, Levelock, Clarks Point, and King Salmon. In the next two weeks I hope to fly down to the Chignicks. Our Cherokee Warrior II will be going in for its annual inspection around Easter (Tibbett’s Airmotive in King Salmon).

Shower: The shower in the basement in our church should be complete by the middle of this week.

Scott King seals up the seams in the sheet-rock with mud before painting.

Have a wonderful week and see you on Palm Sunday, if not sooner…Fr. Scott

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