Monday, April 13, 2009

Announcements: 2nd Sunday of Easter

Dear Holy Rosary parishioners, here are a few announcements:

Holy Week celebrations: Thank you to all who took part in the Holy Week celebrations. Fr. Bill enjoyed, very much, being able to celebrate with you. He returned to Seward Sunday. Thank you very much Fr. Bill for being here so that we could have Holy Week celebrations in both Saint Theresa and Holy Rosary.

Thank you: Thank you to Pat Durbin who fixed the blinkers the truck and who will be watching the church and rectory while I am in Mount Angel this week.

Rosary: The first Sunday of every month, after mass, we pray the rosary. All are invited to join us the first Sunday in May.

Reason for no Sunday Easter Mass: Several people have asked why we did not have Mass on Easter Sunday. Here are a four reasons.

First, we are a small mission parish and do not fill up the church on Easter. If the Church was over flowing we would have both Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday Mass. But since the congregation is so small, and since the term Catholic refers to "one body of Christ," the Archbishop feels that it is better not to fragment the community by having two Masses.

Second, Easter Vigil is the largest celebration of the year. Priests have special privileges to confirm RCIA members on the Easter Vigil, but not on Easter Sunday. I was working with an RCIA candidate (unfortunately she got sick and did not show up), so decided to have the Easter Vigil rather than Easter Sunday Mass.

Third, I am open to taking a vote to see how many parishioners would rather have Easter Sunday rather than Easter Vigil. If there are no RCIA candidates next year I may ask for a vote.

Fourth, Holy Rosary is the largest mission in the world. Even though we had two priests for holy week, there are some 20-30 other mission parishes. Having two masses (Eater Vigil and Easter Sunday) in Dillingham would lessen the opportunity for the other villages.


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