Monday, August 4, 2008

Announcements: 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Holy Rosary Mission Parishioners, here are a few announcements:

1. Funeral, Thursday August 7: Archbishop Hurly will be presiding over the Funeral Mass for Fred Henry of Clarks Point. The archbishop, possibly Kris Sword, and myself will be going to Clarks around noon, either by boat or plane. Please keep Andrea Hurley and the rest of the family in your prayers. The body will be at Holy Rosary Monday and part of Tuesday before being taken to Clarks Points.

2. Baptism, Sunday August 17: Dianna and Michael Swaim will have little Katelynn (the little girl who has been bringing up the offering) baptized. The Baptism will be during Mass. Afterward, let’s have a celebration downstairs!

3. Holy Day of Obligation: The Assumption of Mary is Friday the 15th of August. Mass will be at 5:30 PM.

4. Nativity Scene: There are still six pieces of the Nativity scene that need to be donated. They are: (1) Kneeling Angel $120, (2) King Malchior $120, (3) King Gaspar $120, (4) Shepherd 2 $115, (5) Ox Standing, and (6) Ox Seated. Please see at Please email me with your donation. Thank all of you who have already donated!

5. Rock and Statue: I am looking for a large flat rock, probably around three or four feet wide by two or three feet high. I will be using it to mount the marble statue of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima. If you have seen any around the beach, lake, or near your home, please let me know.

6. Plane: I have already raised enough money to purchase a remanufactured engine from Lycoming. I will be in Anchorage this Tuesday and Wednesday to make a strategy to raise another 15 thousand for new paint and maintenance. Larry Tibbitts, the mechanic in King Salmon, should be ordering the engine this week.

7. Gospel: Although Jesus can walk on water, we sometime get stuck in the mud. Getting “unstuck” requires us to be Zealous for God.

Take care, God bless, and have a wonderful week, Fr. Scott

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