Monday, December 14, 2009

Announcements: 4th Sunday of Advent

Dear Holy Rosary Mission parishioners, here are a few announcements:

Thanx: Thank you Bernie for the hose and the fittings for the public water use. People who get water unscrew our hose, put on their own longer hose, then when they put our hose back on, they strip the threads and water gushes out on the ground instead of out the end of the hose. Bernie creatively thought of a way to prevent this and made the new hose assembly, steel fittings on both ends and very high quality radiator hose.

Christmas Schedule: Christmas Mass will be Thursday, 24 December, at 8:00 PM. There will be no Mass Friday, Christmas Day, as this is a Mission Church and other villages need Christmas Mass as well.

Christmas Decorations: After Mass, 20 December 2009, we will decorate our church for Christmas. The two Jims have picked out a Christmas tree on our ten acres of land. We will be decorating the tree, putting up lights, putting out the nativity scene, changing the purple linen to white linen, etc. Please make some time after Mass to help us out.

We had a trial-run setting up the nativity scene downstairs in the basement. Here is how we will set it up in front of the altar after Mass Dec. 20.

Confirmation: Kara gave her talk on the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. She did an excellent job. So, whose next? We will be meeting again after Christmas to go over our Creed and to review some chapters in our book, Send out Your Spirit. The Archbishop should be here around June 6, 2009.

WYD: Information about World Youth Day will be available next week in the back of the Church. What a great opportunity for our young people. I am incredibly excited. People are already thinking up fund raisers to help supplement the costs.

Have a great week and see you Sunday, if not sooner…Fr. Scott

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