Monday, June 15, 2009

Announcements: 12th Sunday in Ordinary time

Dear Holy Rosary Parishioners, here are a few announcements.

Funeral: There will be a funeral for William Tennyson tomorrow, June 16, at the 7th Day Adventist Church at 2:00 PM. After the Funeral Mass, we will meet in the Holy Rosary parking lot for a procession to the cemetery and burial ceremony. Please remember the Tennyson family in your prayers.

Thank you: Thank you Pat Durban and Bernie, Angie, and Brian Venua for helping tear down the Handicap ramp. It broke while Vic B. was standing on it. He was hurt, but fortunately, no broken bones. There were several places that showed rot after the ramp was torn apart. We need to start planning a new ramp, any suggestions?

Clarks Point Baptism: June 12, Samuel James Slattengren was baptized at Clarks Point. Congrats to Brittany and all the Clarks Point Community. Please see pictures on the Holy Rosary Home Page,

Gospel: The calming of a storm is not something we, as mere human beings, can do. Only God can calm a storm. Only Jesus can calm our inner storms. We must trust, have faith so we can build up our inner faith. Then we can weather any storm.

Rosary: Join us after mass as we, as a Catholic Community, pray the rosary together. We will dedicate the rosary to all of our generous benefactors, especially those Archdiocesan parishes who have helped with our fuel bill. The next rosary will be prayed after mass on Sunday, July 5th.

Catholic Youth to Visit Dillingham: Here is a rough draft of events that the youth will partake in while they are here at Holy Rosary. All are welcome to hook up with us, especially youth from Dillingham, Clarks, and King Salmon.

Holy Rosary Youth Visit
Monday July 6 2009 to Friday July 10 2009

July 6th
1. Youth arrive on morning Penair flight, load gear in truck, walk to Holy Rosary
2. Set up basement of church and basement of rectory (need mats or sleeping pad)
3. Meet youth from Dillingham, Clarks Point, King Salmon
4. Subsistence Fishing instruction, fishing

July 7th
1. Morning Mass at Holy Rosary 10:00 AM
2. Work day in the community (need ideas, pick up trash, stack wood, etc.)
3. Work day Holy Rosary

July 8th
1. Visit to Clarks Point (skiff or fly)
2. Mass at Saint Peter Fisherman, 11:30 AM
3. Bon Fire back at Holy Rosary

July 9th
1. Morning Mass, possibly at Senior center
2. Visit Senior center: Speaker on Alaska History?
3. Visit Grammas’ House for the dying?
4. Tour of Peter Pan?
5. Tour of Hospital?

July 10th – Youth depart on evening Penair Flight

Have a fantastic day and see you Sunday…Fr. Scott

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