Monday, January 5, 2009

Announcements: Baptism of the Lord

Dear Holy Rosary Parishioners, here are a few announcements:

Catechism: The first catechism class will be for everyone, but the instruction will be on a level that children will understand. The first session will walk the children through the proper posture used in the church, i.e. bowing, genuflecting, reverence, etc. It will begin the first Sunday of Lent, March 1st. Since this is a rosary Sunday, the children will first be asked to lead the rosary before moving onto the instruction.

Woman’s Group: If you are interested in being involved in the Holy Rosary woman’s group, please contact me or Joan Reynolds.

Gospel: There is rich symbolism in the Baptism of the Lord. Why did John baptize Jesus, when Jesus was sinless? What is symbolic about full immersion? What does our church teach about full immersion?

Thank you: Kara served for the first time as altar server last Sunday. She did a great job. Thank you so much Kara!

Thank you: Thank you to Yolanda for leading the rosary last week. NICE JOB Yolanda!

Thank you: Thank you for all who helped to take down the Christmas decorations. Many hands made short work of it. I hated to see that beautiful Christmas tree go.

Thank you: Thank you to the Walsh family for donating the hindquarter of Moose. Bernie helped me package it and it is all wrapped up and in the freezer.

For a look at the visitors Holy Rosary has had since August of 2005, please click here or visit the Holy Rosary home page.

Take care and God Bless. Have a fantastic week…Fr. Scott

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