Monday, January 12, 2009

Announcements: 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Holy Rosary Parishioners, here are a few announcements:

Woman’s Group: Holy Rosary has started a women’s group. It will be meeting after Mass in the Rectory. Currently, they have begun a bible study. Books and bibles will be available. My hope is that this group will help direct the course of our church, for example, plan potlucks, help with catechism, offer bible studies, help with financial decisions, and organize community service programs.

Rosary: Kristen C. will be leading the rosary Feb 1, 2009 after Mass. All are welcome. We will be praying for the generous parishes in the Anchorage diocese who have donated money to heat the church and rectory.

Catechism: Starting March 1, 2009, which is the first Sunday of Lent, there will be catechism after Mass for families. The lessons are planned to last 30 minutes and will continue through Easter.

Gospel: This week is vocations week. The readings are about responding to God’s call. Have you committed to a vocation in life? There are three vocations in life…that is it: single, married, and religious life. If you have committed to one of these, chances are you have found an abundant amount of peace, but God is still calling you to serve others in a unique and special way. Are you open to that calling?

Thank you: William T. for the ride from my plane to church. I made it at exactly 12:30. I would have been late if he had not been waiting for me after I landed. I had walked the four blocks or so to the airport.

Iced-up: I experienced my first severe ice encounter while flying in the Alaskan bush about 11:00 AM, Sunday morning, Jan11. Ice on the wings, disrupts the air flow and the plane could stall out in mid air. Five miles outside of Dillingham, coming from King Salmon, my windshield and wings glazed over with ice. Despite the four calls to check for weather, ice fog and freezing rain moved over the Dillingham airport before I arrived. It took about 15 seconds to completely cover my windshield. On top of that the wind was gusting to 28 knots. I turned around using instruments and the side window and headed back to King Salmon. I lost some power as well. I saw weather in Clarks Point was clear so I landed there instead, used a marine radio to call Mariano (a resident of Clarks Point), and we waited out the weather. After landing William T. picked me up at the airport. He had been watching me land and knew I needed a ride because I always leave my truck at the church, with is only a few blocks away. Thanks to William, I made it back for the 12:30 Mass in Dillingham.

Have a fantastic week. See you Sunday, if not before…Fr. Scott

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