Monday, October 6, 2008

Announcements: 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Holy Rosary Parishioners, here are a few announcements:

Blessing of the Statue: Since I was stranded in King Salmon Sunday due to ice fog, I am going to try a third time (third time is a charm) to bless the statue. Hopefully, weather permitting, I will bless the statue of Our Lady of Fatima this Sunday during Mass. The write up should be in this issue of Catholic Anchor.

Blessing of Animals: Find below a few pictures of the animal blessing. We plan to have the Saint Francis animal blessing every year around the first week in October. I will advertise it more next year, as I did not get a chance to advertise this year due to family emergency. The blessing of animals is a way to pay tribute to Saint Francis who was an advocate of simplicity of life and loved animals. It is a great time for children as well as adult. Hope to see you there next year around the first week in October.

Marriage Preparation: Those couple preparing to marry in the church, please contact me soon so we can set up marriage counseling. Sorry about having to cancel your appointments last week.

Nativity Manger: The nativity pieces are down stairs in the church (see picture below). If you have some building skill and would like to donate your time and talent to building a manger, please let me know. Thank you.

Accounting: Angie Venua has been working to understand and catch up the Logos accounting for Holy Rosary. I am happy to say that she has everything under control and is caught up. I just filed the year-end Financials with Sr. Charlotte today. Thanx a million Angie for your hard work and dedication.

Church Cleaning Ministry: Please consider cleaning the church once a week for a month. This is a needed ministry and greatly appreciated by all. Please pray about this ministry. If you think you could donate your time and talent to this very important ministry, please sign-up in the back of the church.

Gospel: Why was the invited guest kicked out of the wedding banquet for not wearing a wedding garment? Why was he silent when asked why he was not wearing it? There is hidden meaning in this Gospel. It has to do with being passive and active; silence and participating. If God should ask you today why you should go to heaven, what would you say? Would you be silent like the guest invited to the wedding banquet? Would you be properly clothed?

Take care, God bless, and have a fantastic week…Fr. Scott

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Saint Francis Blessing of Animals: October 4th, 2008

Nativity Scene Pieces donated by Holy Rosary Parishioners:

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